• Round Floating Shelves

    I'm always looking for functional storage space and this has got to be one of my favourites!

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  • Storage Baskets

    *GASPS* the perfect way to declutter any space has officially been found!

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  • Macrame Pillow Covers

    Just dreaming about these in a reading nook surrounded by plants and cats... uh oh... am I on route to becoming a crazy cat lady?!

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  • Farmhouse Pillow Cases

    I don't even know what to do with pillows but I love them! I have 6 on my bed and they all end up on the floor... but I would never get rid of them!

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  • Large Woven Basket

    Oh great! A massive basket to hold all the pillows and blankets I hoard! Problem solved!

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  • Bedside Water Carafe

    Am I extra? Yes!

    Do I care? No!

    If I'm gonna have glasses of water on my nighstand, they may as well be pretty right?!

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